“ We have witnessed more and more attendees every year, gives us a great opportunity to build relation with various pharmaceuticals companies. Here there are excellent speakers providing insights on critical key challenges.

Alejandro Menchaca
Mc-Adrews, Held & Mallboy Ltd.

“ I am very excited to be here today at Pharma IPR. The quality of session is very good. It’s a good collection of people. I can see myself coming next year again.

Anju Khanna
Lall & Sethi

“ This is my 4th time attending Pharma IPR. The quality of subject & organization has improved. I am very happy and satisfied.

Dr. Mohan Dewan
Principle, R.K. Dewan & Co.

“ My experience being in this conference is good. Got to meet new faces and interact and learn about the markets with greatest mind of Pharma IPR Industry. I would definitely recommend this conference.

Nevin Jacob Koshy
United Trademark & Patent Service

Networking with the Delegates has just been absolutely fantastic. The agenda hits all the highlights, and everybody can walk away from each of the session with some useful information that can be valued, and they can take back to their companies.

Shashank Upadhye
(Upadhye LLP)

The networking opportunities are tremendous. We are here to meet people, and this was a great place for the same. The topics are interesting, and the variety of topics is all dedicated to Pharma industry and IP. There is a lot of difference in viewpoints that are brought together by each of them.

Timothy H Kratz
Kratz and Barry LLP